• early drawings, 1989 – 1999

    when i graduated from grad school in 1989, my practice was, for the most part, limited to painting. yes, i’d made a film in 1989, and i had been working also with sound; but the glaring omission to my practice was drawing. initially, drawings or works on paper felt like thinner versions of paintings, and it took me awhile to find ways to make drawings that had integrity, as well as offered me something specific to drawing. the early drawings were more process based than my paintings (as i was very much influenced by william anastasi’s subway drawings and tom marioni’s drum brush drawings). one of the most important moments of the beginning of drawing as a part of my practice was finding a 1969 stencil set for drawing racing cars… which obviously offered me a very different path…

  • reading without reading/within

    pencil on paper wrapped over wood blocks,
    sound composition, audio gear.

    1999, podewil, berlin germany, 2000. the guardshack, bergamot station, santa monica

  • hot wheels

    1998 - 2002
    ink on paper
    each 19" x 24"

  • eyes closed listening

    1997 - 2003
    mixed media
    on paper
    mostly small size

  • natural selection (four systems of chance and random observation)

    340 drawings
    ink on paper
    each 8" x 10"

  • 50 sounds of the sea

    50 drawings
    ink on paper
    each: 5" x 7.5"
    handmade box