• misc. sound works 2004 – 2006

    in 2004, i worked on a number of large scale and architectural related sound works – some of which, such as ear(th), were constructed as architecture, others, such as airforms, were inspired by existing architecture, while sounding architecture involved the “sounding” of alvaro siza’s pavilion for the serpentine gallery in london. amongst the other works with sound over those few years included a recording made by filling a box with strings and bells and driving with it in my car for an hour to allow the road to play the “instruments”, as well as an elevator installation at the tang museum in response to my favorite film, pyaasa, by guru dutt, and a sound installation inside of a james turrell sky space at the henry art gallery, seattle…

    in many of these works, i discovered a newfound willingness to allow the visual to participate in my soundworks, and it was clearly a time of evolution.

  • day ring

    five tracks, each made up of field recordings, tuning forks, violin (played by jacob danziger), as well as the tapping the benches. a 5.1 speaker system.