chair (a subscape of resonance)

steve roden
3" CD
edition: 1000
new plastic music

  1. rust
  2. throat
  3. circle
  4. glisten
  5. breathe
  6. torque
  7. click

a series of 3″ cds, each created using only the sound of a single modernist design object – a leg splint designed by charles and ray eames, a lamp designed by george nelson, and a metal chair designed by harry bertoia. i suppose the initial ideas came from “strumming” these things as i passed them in our apartment on a daily basis as well as the notion of wondering weather bertoia even played one of his chairs.

  • reviews:
  • Lamp (designed by George Nelson in 1952) has three tracks, the first one is a metallic like rhythm and some samples swirling around – if you said this was a shortwave I thought it would be a good guess. Then ‘Undulant Spores’ is deep bass-time stretched thing that slowly grows into a lighter coda. The last track – the shortest too – bangs lighty on the lamp and has a natural echo and an unnatural crackling. The Chair that is the sound object here was designed by Harry Bertoia (who we all know as a sculptor and who has made 10 LP’s with music playing his sculptores) has 7 shorter tracks (and each is dedicated to somebody, like RLW, id Battery, Harry etc.), but the austerity started on Lamp, and in fact on most In Be Tween Noise releases, is still there. The curves that each track take is small and are in a pretty straight linear way. The rhythm that starts ‘glisten’ is a break from this, but by no means a bad one. The three CD’s form an excellent series, well executed and very consistent in it’s high quality.”

    frans de waard, vital weekly