archival footage

steve roden / in be tween noise
10" white vinyl
edition: 300
anomalous records

this 10 inch white vinyl compilation of smaller works was released by anomalous records in 1999. eric lanzillota, the first and most supportive early listener of my work, graciously invited me to release someting special on his anomalous records imprint – i’d always wanted to do a 10″ white vinyl and he kept telling me he wanted to hear some of my works outside of the context of the compilations they appeared on. this limited vinyl was the result.

side 6. (micro-operas & lullabys) 1. aluminum 1996, 2. cinnamon 1996 (tracks 1 & 2 created for the answering machine solution on staalplaat, but were not included on the cd) 3. stars and moon 1995 (appeared on the cd compilation network vol.2, lyrics from a 1907 poem by o.kokoschka), 4. oton 1993 (appeared on unknown public cd as 1 monute opera, sound is a tiny looped sample from schoenberg’s gurrelieder), 5. sar hon yenko 1995 (appeared on the cd compilation points of yucca 2), 6. heavy. open. purple. elastic. 1998 (appeared on the cd compilation hope on audio research editions).

side 3. (abstractions and variations) 1. cloud formation 1995 (recorded for so delicate and strangely made but never released) 2. expressive document 1995 (recorded for a compilation from texas taht was never released – samples from debussy) 3. fabafbabfafb 1996 (appeared on the cd unknown public as part of fab 4, 4 variations on the sequence of notes f – a – b)