2 x cd
Defrag Sound Processing

  1. CoH - Cereal Flux
  2. Vend - Postf3.30.3
  3. Asmus Tietchens- S.17
  4. Frank Bretschneider - Throbbox
  5. Goem - Chartier_Mix
  6. Taylor Deupree - P-F [Night Version]
  7. Alva Noto - Post-Remo
  8. Freiband - Refabricated
  9. Sogar- Métonymie
  10. Byetone - Ps-6-12-15
  11. Matmos - Woofer Blower
  12. Steve Roden - Building Buildings
  13. Richard Chartier - Pfiler

The original version of Postfabricated, my third full length CD, was recorded between 1998 and 1999 via analog connections to minidisc and afterwards mastered at a studio. The minidisc compression, combined with a studio engineer not accustomed to this type of recorded material compromised the details of the sounds, noting the difference upon listerning to the source material files, I began to reconstruct the entire work digiatlly, utlizing the original components. Originally all the tracks where recorded in real time with no overdubs following a score for each piece arranged in adavnce. For this rerecording, having lost many of these notations, I diagramed each arrangement and have replicated the pieces as closely as possible. This reconstruction, Repostfabricated, can be viewed as how Postfabricated was intended to sound and how I, while composing it, heard it in 1998. However due to my technical restrictions at the time, the particular quality of sound was not reproduced.

The artists on this CD were given sound source files to create new works. Inspiration for this project comes from a review by Roel Meelkop of Postfabricated in Vital Weekly suggesting that it would be perfect for sampling and remixing. Thus PostPostfabricated was born 5 years later. Thank you to my friends who have reworked my sounds for this project