Memories of Sasakisan

CD in gatefold jacket
powershovel audio

label copy: “This is a collection of sasakisan’s works as re-made or re-constructed by artists from around the world. Sasakisan is not a musician in the strictest sense of the word, but instead creates short journal like music pieces entirely from the melody composing tool on her cellular phone. The sounds she creates are rough like a sketch and are like a mysterious miniature model of electronic music, not entirely concerned with being musical but rather desirable. Out of 300 such songs we selected and sent to musicians to be reborn through their re-interpretation. The result is an album which is both a showcase for their styles and abilites, but is also tied through a central theme. All of the artists had a good time participating and all became a fan of her little snippets of music – a happy ending all around!”

a cardboard sleeve with a 24p. booklet of photos by the bands and a Mika Sasaki’s Poster.

track: my sea / mice see