between two points

2 x cd
edition: 1000

  1. Roel Meelkop – liner
  2. Richard Chartier – 010101
  3. Miki Yui – vibra
  4. Bernhard Günter – kernel panic
  5. Immedia -
  6. Steve Roden – mobile stabile
  7. Duul_Drv – hk(486) for sp mcgreevy
  8. *0 – 2.001k

Between Two Points is the first release between 12k and LINE showcasing the audio aesthetics of each label on two separate discs. All of the tracks on this compilation are previously unreleased and represent the current and future rosters of the labels, encompassing an international selection of accomplished artists from the world of minimalist digital sound art.

disc one: the sound of 12k. Founded in 1997 by Taylor Deupree, 12k has continued to fuse music, design, technology and minimalism with releases of numerous critically acclaimed cds. Notable cds like the label defining .aiff compilation which helped usher in the new genre of microsound, or the debut and follow-up cds by Shuttle358, a newcomer who quickly became one of the most respected artists in the field. There have also been releases by artists such as Tetsu Inoue, Frank Bretschneider and Deupree himself. 12k’s aesthetic has always remained focused on ultrasynthetic sound – compositions of clicks, pops and granular textures – forming rhythmic textures and faint hues of melody. Minimal techno at its most micro.

disc two. the sound of LINE. September 2000 marked the beginning of LINE, founded by Richard Chartier as a label focusing new, digital, minimalist sound and the relationship between sound, silence and the act of listening. The artists featured on this disc explore the elements of audibility, the physical nature of timbres, the space between sounds. From the frequencies of *0, the organic textures of Steve Roden and Miki Yui, the pure subtle digitalism of Immedia, Duul-Drv, and Richard Chartier, the sparse sound events of Roel Meelkop, to Bernhard Günter’s “urban autumn ragga”, the focus of the listener unfolds layers within the understated intricacies of the works.