edition: 200


honestly, not totally sure of the title of this comp. but i know that ben green, who curated a radio program inviting artists to create works under the rubric of “one hour as…”, also curated this comp, which i believe was a fundraiser comp the host station, resonance Fm in the uk.

track: as slow as swarm. 6’10”

“when i created this work i think i had some sense of what i was doing. it was a rather busy time, and i completed the piece and shot it out to mr. green through the mail. upon returning home from 4 days in texas, i received a note from mr. green asking for info on the track. i listened to my cdr mix and for the life of me, i can’t remember what i did to make this piece nor what i used for source material. this has happened to me a few times in my musical life… and i suppose my interest in abstraction and ephemeral works has truly bubbled to the surface… or perhaps my memory is simply fogged up a bit. nonetheless, as usual this should be listened to at a relatively low volume… for afterall – a swarm should simply hover.”