untitled, or not yet.

mike bullock, james coleman, david gross, steve roden
CD in oversized sleeve
edition: 350
1.8 sec

a 2003 live improvisation in a westwood mass. studio, featuring mike bullock, james coleman, david gross, steve roden. mixed and mastered by scott smallwood.

limited edition of 350 features 4 different vellum covers – each picturing a photograph i’d taken during my time in boston and westwood.

1. Low Drifting. Beneath Beams Of Wind.6’46”
2. Resonant Planes. Hums And Blisters.17’16”
3. Falling Into Sound. Falling Into Owls. 3’18”
4. Steam Engines. Lilting Dances.5’13”
5. From Somewhere Out There. Unseen Dreaming.6’19”

  • reviews:
  • Self-declared „Minimalist Experimental label“ (1.8)sec.records has let it be known that an eagerly anticipated and drastically delayed album by Michael Bullock, James Coleman, David Gross and Steve Roden is now finally available directly from their webshop. The already promisingly titled „untitled, or not yet“ blends the refined sound artistry of Steve Roden with the vivid live improvisations by Coleman, Bullock, and Gross and features an exciting line-up: Michael Bullock on contrabass, James Coleman playing the theremin, David Gross blowing an alto saxophone and Steve Roden manipulating his own voice as well as several loose objects and electronics. In line with the multimedia-mindedness of its protagonists and their interest in adjacent forms of creative expression, the first meeting of these musicians took place in May of 2001 at an art gallery hosted by actress Christina Ricci. Two years later, they met again, rediscovering their wordless communication and decided to tape their sessions at „Pete’s Studio“ for „untitled, or not yet“. The album will be available in a limited edition of 350 copies and „come packaged in 1 of 4 different printed vellum and cardstock packages“ according to (1.8)sec.records.
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    The artgallery reference might provide interested listeners with a small clue as to the record’s title: „untitled, or not yet“ is also the name of a 1966 work by Eva Hesse, made up of nine orbs filled with sand inside a fishnet – which set a personal record for Hesse, selling at a staggering 2.2. million Dollars. On the other hand, it might also be inspired by the fact that two of the performers at work here, Michael Bullock and Steve Roden, are actually busy visual artists as well.

    In his recent review, Frans de Waard already praised „untitled, or not yet“ for its „careful examination of the instruments, their qualities in what they have to offer as both an instrument as well as an object.“, describing the work as „four people listening to what the others are doing, carefully, thoughtfully“.

    tobias fischer