cosmic debris volume 2

steve roden / my cat is an alien
split art LP / split CD re-issue
edition: 100
OPAX / a silent place

  1. steve roden - E-Bows And Rainbows
  2. steve roden - My Dog Is A Yufo
  3. My Cat Is An Alien - Everything Waves Like Cosmic Debris

Tracks 1 & 2, all sounds generated/organised by Steve Roden at Bubble House, Pasadena, California; April-June 2005.
Track 3 recorded June 2006 at MCIAA’s Alien Zone Western Alps, Piedmont, Italy.

Originally released on Opax Records in a special SPACE ART private press only-vinyl edition of 100 copies, with paintings & polaroids by Roberto Opalio on 30×30 cm canvas as sleeves.