vascellum (for julius)

2 drawings
each: ink and pencil
on paper

in 2013 carlo fossati invited me to participate in an exhibition at e/static called “things he would like” in reference to the artist rolf julius. obviously, julius was very influential of my work and also a friend. it was difficult to think of something to honor julius with something of my own – a new approach or a new idea seemed forced, and so i started looking at my own history and to see what i’d already done, that might make julius happy. when i happened upon the 100 drawings i had made in 1997 for a small exhibition called vascellum, i realized that, of course, my 100 drawings of my father’s audio speakers on the 15th anniversary of his death, was not only about silence, but were a feeble attempt to converse with julius’ beautiful ink drawings. and so i reached back into my own past and brought the idea forward… looking at the same speaker i began with in 1997, that i also drew in 1999 (for site of sound), and in 2003 when i had planned to create an edition of the work (which never happened). thus i felt it was time to give this silence a bit of life, and hence i not only followed the lines of the object, but added color to offer a bit more ‘sound’. this time there were only two drawings (like the book) and one marked right and one marked left. when carlo asked me about installation, i wanted the images to be placed in relation to listening, as if setting up a stereo system in a room.