turning music into mountains

the sculpture “turning music into mountains” began with laying a map of buddhist pilgrimage sites in india beneath a piece of tracing paper which contained a musical staff. i then made a dot of each pilgrimage site on the as it fell onto the sheet of empty music.

the dots were given musical note equivalents based on where they appeared on the musical staff, and each note (a-g) determined the height of a dowel placed on top of each dot/note/location. once the dowels were standing in place, i then began to connect them as if a spider spinning a web with plaster cloth.

the paint colors were mixed from various sources of research on synaesthesia, based on the idea that if i used 10 different sources that gave a color value to the note “a”, i averaged all of those colors into percentages and mixed them together to get a color from sum of all “a”s.

for example: if i found 3 sources that said an a-note was blue, 1 that said it was black, 4 that said it was red, and 2 that that said yellow; i mixed a color that was 3 parts blue, 1 part black, 4 parts red, and 2 parts yellow.

the colored bands start with a at the bottom and go to g on the top…