stone’s throw (sculpture)

the four sculptures that have the title “shadow” were generated from forms in the paintings. i was interested in a game of telephone, so as to make sculpture from my grandmother’s unfinished sculpture. my main interest was in having a stage of translation where i would not be looking at an existing three dimensional object, but instead a two dimensional image that would then generate a three dimensional object – to participate in an experience of both intimacy and distance. the paintings contain images of the stones, so that the sculpture could be created through a kind of difficulty – to take flat images as a kind of instruction sheet or “model” from which the sculptural forms could acknowledge as they moved from image to object.

the last sculpture is essentially a failed sculpture that was taken completely apart and put back together in several different arrangements of the parts. in the end, the failure of something that felt familiar, offered me something new by transcending – as well as acknowledging – the importance of failure within my process. sometimes failure offers a deeper experience of opening a door than, say, simply using the right key.