of frozen music and liquid architecture

“of frozen music and liquid architecture” is a series of 12 drawings, each translating a single page of a 12 page classical music score.

for each drawing, i translated each of the musical notes on the top half of the page into a hand movement for an ink filled eye dropper, which was then blotted (for the black pieces of paper i used watered down acrylic paint). basically, an A would mean one linear movement, a B would mean two connected linear movements, etc. each note was also represented by a specific ink color.

the notes on the bottom half of the original score were then translated into pencil movements, similarly related to the notes a-g, with seven different colored pencils used to represent each of the different notes; and in some cases a regular lead pencil was used in different line groupings and lengths related to the number equivalents of a-g (1-7).

there are 3 different kinds of paper – white, gray, and black; and each drawing contains roughly 400 – 600 musical notes.

these were birthed from an interest in the relationship of structure and flux, the temporal and the fixed, mathematics and the ephemeral, the intuitive and the pre-determined…

many sources of inspiration, but certainly finding their way into this work is bruno taut’s alpine architecture, the drawings of henri michaux and brion gysin, constant’s new babylon, the drawings of cedric price…