lines and spaces (paintings)

in mid-late 2009 i was preparing for a residency at the chinati foundation in january of 2010. when i packed for my residency, i brought with me, 5 canvasses which were to be the last 5 paintings of the lines and spaces series – for they were the last 5 “lines” of notes that would allow me to finish performing the score. as it turned out, those 5 paintings were never completed, for when i arrived at chinati, i realized that the best way to be immersed in new surroundings was to let go of all plans and to begin again. thus this last group of paintings from 2009 became the last passages of an unfinished symphony. fortunately, my experience at chinati offered an unbelievably rich and inspired experience that never would’ve powered me forward had i simply worked in a new space as if i were in the old.