continuous moment / continuous moments

sumi ink
on paper
each: 44″ x 47″

the drawings “continuous moments” and “continuous moment” came out of a willingness to allow some of my interests in the visual language of the architectural experiments of yona friedman, superstudio, archigram, cedric price, bruno taut, and others to bubble to the surface.

i was also interested in seeing what would happen to the abstract spaces of my drawings with the insertion of a ‘realistic’ image – in this case an audio speaker. i wanted to see all of the messy situations of discomfort that might come out of the collision of abstract visual form-building and recognizable imagery – and how a “photo” could potentially create a state of flux, where the images fall into abstraction, fold into landscapes, or hover as architectural and diagramatic spaces.

in “continous moments” a group of small drawings are displayed sequentially, as a single unit, to allow things like narrative, storyboard, and diary to confront pure abstraction.

these drawings have no sound element; but i am also wondering if an image of a silent speaker can allow the drawings to act as a kind of surrogate speaker – so that the quiet visual experience of a viewer might also begin to open ears to the ambient sounds of the space the drawing/speakers hang in.