coast lines

glow festival
santa monica beach
los angeles

for the 2010 glow festival, i was commissioned to create a work to be shown on the santa monica beach. the resulting work, coast lines, consisted of two video projections based on  drawings traced directly onto clear 16mm film stock.

basically, i traced a series of maps with colored inks, following the western coastline of the pacific ocean from brazil to alaska. each of the abstract moving images begin at santa monica, one is moving north and one is moving south. because the films were traced from a map, the projected images are “to scale” with the actual landscape.

visually, the moving images are abstract, and is without sound – more of a visual music. the harmonic and rhythmic relationships between the two films are constantly shifting, as the northern and southern trajectories are of different lengths (and hence, so are the corresponding lengths of film). ”coast lines” was specifically conceived for glow’s location, and in many ways was site determined.

the screens were designed and constructed by gary murphy, who worked with me on bowrain.