when words become form
pomona collage museum
claremont california


bowrain was a sculpture/sound/film installation by steve roden, commissioned by the pomona college museum of art in claremont california. the entire piece was created by using a small notational drawing by buckminster fuller as a score – determining colors, line lengths, sounds and other variables, as well as the order of parts put together. the framework of the sculpture was built of 480 pieces of wood. it was constructed in collaboration with gary murphy, and used chance operation to determine much of the form. the piece also included several hundred feet of colored twine, three hand drawn films (transferred to video), and 6 mono sound compositions, each one similarly connected to fuller’s notations. the sound components were set in alcoves and disparate locations throughout the installation so that viewers/listeners would have to explore the architectural space, towards the creation of  different “mixes” of the individual parts coming together.