addendum 1

addendum 1 was a “zine” i created for the exhibition “stone’s throw” at susanne vielmetter LA projects. i have always been interested in publications, artist editions, such as the archigram publications, punk zines and fluxus publications – and as i have designed the bulk of my own cds and vinyl (as well as some catalogs), i was hoping that i could produce something to offer visitors as a kind of addendum to the work in the show. mostly, it is a collage of images from my grandmother’s reference file for her sculpture, other things i found in her studio, and numerous text fragments related to stones – such as a wall piece by lawrence weiner, a score by milan knizak, the score for christian wolff’s “stones”, and the chinese character as a medium of poetry by ernest fenollosa, etc. rather than spelling everything out, the idea was that the zine would be a small portable archive. i plan to continue self-publishing the zine in the future.