4’33” (sculpture)

866 (silence and light)
2011 plaster cloth, plexiglass, wire 33.5" x 21" x 35"

866 (silence and light) used two of cage’s scores for 4’33” which amount to the same amount of time – 4 minutes and 33 seconds, but the increments of time in the 3 movements are slightly different (for instance one begins with 30 seconds, another with 33 seconds). the piece is basically two objects – each based on one of the slightly different versions of the piece – sandwiched together. thus, the image offers a kind of mirror-image that slightly askew.

the plexiglass components were left over from my sound/sculpture works “gradual small fires” and while i initially started to work with them because of their relevance to the form of the wood/plaster cloth sculpture, i became interested in how 4’33” is essentially a framework for a listening situation that allows the environment to participate in that experience… and thus, i was excited by the potential of the sculpture – and in particular the plexi – in how it allows the light in the space to effect the color shadows and their relation to the sculpture and its surroundings…