433 (paintings)

in 2011, while immersed in performing 4’33” everyday for a year, i began to think again about working with cage’s score towards the making of paintings. the first painting i did in relation to 4’33” was done in 2002, and was an early painting where a rigid system also offered intuitive responses (in an attempt to explore the various ways in which the determinate and the indeterminate might converse during the process of making).

another thing that sparked my interest was the discovery of several different iterations of the score for 4’33”, which back in 2002 i did not know of. so i gathered all of the scores, and began to work with translations and other ways of engaging with the score. obviously, it was easy to look at the timings and to translate them into linear and spatial dimensions – such as 30 seconds = 30 inches or 30 marks, etc. i tended to work incrementally, so that 30 seconds would equal 6 inches – as one is a half a minute, so the related would be half a foot, etc.

color schemes were often related to the letter sequence of the single musician instruction in the score – tacet. in mid-2012, i am currently still very much involved in this body of work.

the last image is the earlier painting from 2002.