suite nuit

frank bretschneider & steve roden
CD in printed sleeve
edition: 500

  1. 1. live
  2. 2. rehearsal

Suite Nuit was originally commissioned for the 2004 Suite In Parochial festival (a project of Singuhr) in Berlin, Germany, and is the first collaboration between Frank Bretschneider and Steve Roden.Suite Nuit was presented as part of a series of site specific collaborations between sound artists, musicians and video artists who were encouraged to address the unique sonic, visual, and cultural contexts of the Parochial Church of Berlin Mitte.

This edition includes two long-lost live improvised recordings of the collaborative performance and rehearsal and is co-presented by LINE and VOLUME.

recorded live at the tower hall of the Parochial Church (Berlin, Germany) August 26, 2004. 
Bretschneider: Micro Modular / Roden: guitar pedals, field recordings, contact microphones, and found objects.

special thanks to Carsten Seiffarth.
Cover: “tacet permutations”, 81” x 81”, oil and acrylic on linen, 2012 by Steve Roden.