Winter Couplet

steve roden
edition: 1000
new plastic music

  1. winter couplet

winter couplet was created for the 2002 la freewaves festival in los angeles. the sound composition was made using the sounds of two tea cups; and was played through 8 speakers connected to cardboard tubes. the tubes acted as resonators and were inspired by the work of architect shigeru ban. the CDEP offers a stereo mix of the piece.

  • reviews:
  • “Of course you know Steve Roden’s work and that it often is related toexhibitions and installations. This mini CD (twenty five minutes) isno different. Housed in a carton sleeve with two water colourpaintings and absolutely no information, this is a true art-houseitem. Here it is the installation called ‘Winter Couplet’, consistingof ‘a series of 2,5 inch speakers, mounted in the bases of 40 inchand 36 inch long cardborad tubes and inspired by the work ofarchitect Shigeru Ban. The title inspired by chinese Chun Lian(Spring Couplet), poems hung in pairs on each side of an entryway onnew year’s eve. This poem, like the chun lian is written with thehope of bringing good blessings’. For the sound source of this pieceSteve uses two small tea cups. The sound is very minimal, andrecommended to be played at low volume, and don’t sound like tea cupsbut rather wind chimes. The sound is mainly layers of similar loopsfading in and over each other. With slight electronic procession, thisbecomes very poetic music. On a day like today, cloudy and sunny witha fresh breeze, this is a nice environmental piece – maybe that’s whyI was thinking of wind chimes. This is indeed poetic music,contemplative and evocative.”

    frans de waard, vital weekly