steve roden
CD in gatefold jacket
edition: 1000
jennjoy gallery

“view was first presented as a sound installation at the jennjoy gallery in san francisco in june of 1999. initially, i asked jenn, the director, to record the sounds of the view from one of the gallery windows: ‘sounds were recorded from ledge just above the radiator on various days and times in april.’ sometimes the window was opened, sometimes closed.

i used these recordings as both a compositional device as well as the actual sound source of the finished work. although i have fragmented looped and processed the original tapes a great deal, you are still essentially hearing the view. these four ‘possible landscapes’ were presented with headphones and a chair looking out of the window of the fourth floor gallery.”

4 tracks, all untitled.

  • reviews:
  • Steve Roden’s work is both musical aswell as visual – the ideal combination for setting up soundinstallations. Viewing (or maybe it’s better to use the word ‘recording’) the outside of a gallery through a window is the source for the four lengthy pieces to be found here. These pieces people could hear on headphones while watching the landscape outside through the same window. The window acts as a frame, the frame of sonic painting. Designed to be played a low volume it says on the cover, and for once I agree. Sitting before an open window myself, the sounds from my view (grass, street, cars every once in a while) mix nicely with the drony and abstract character of Roden’s soundworks. Floating nicely by, on a quiet and sunny day, time seems to be lost. Cool wind blows by, zipping a cold drink, enjoying the view and it’s sound companion.

    vital weekly 183

    frans de waard