lines and spaces

2 x one sides LP
edition: 125, signed & numbered
new plastic music

  1. Made From The Line Notes
  2. Made From The Space Notes

lines and spaces began as a project to be installed in a music archive/library. the idea was to create a piece that could remain in the archive, to be used by visitors whenever they wished. the LPs were to be placed in various sections as a kind of secret installation among the organized library. starting with the grammar school teachings, i recorded the notes related to the lines – Every Good Boy Does Fine, and the spaces – FACE, being played on a piano. i then created two separate works, that could also be played together. library users, upon finding the pair of one sided LPS, could use the turntables in the space to listen to one or the other or both at once. this double LP release, is a kind of a portable version of the installation. to hear two pieces you only need one turntable. to hear the third piece you need two. along with the piano i also used some guitar/ebow tones. you can also hear a little bit of noise from my cousin’s house where i recorded the piano.