24 page color catalog w/ cd
edition: 1500
art center college of design / new plastic music

  1. ear(th)

the cd contains a field recording of the installation ear(th), which was a collaboration with two scientists from cal tech. the installation consisted of an 8′ x 16′ x 24′ wooden structure with 80 robots on the roof that would strike glockenspiel bars based on data translating an image of an earthquake. it was comissioned by the williamson gallery at art center college of design.

the publication was funded by a grant from the city of pasadena cultural affairs division and the pasadena arts commission thorugh its annual grant program. the recording of the installation was made by michael raphael.

  • reviews:
  • Something more to look at is the catalogue of ‘Ear(th)’, which has photographs of the installation and a lot of text. The installation uses 80 glockenspiel bars and robot arms to strike them, using a score made related ‘of the earth’s movement during an earthquake’. The piece on the CD is the unaltered field recording of the installation recorded in the exhibition space. Here too, but then twice as long as the other CD, the work is of an entire minimalism and without any drama or movements. Designed to be played at a low volume this work, it resembles Christina Kubisch’ CDs on Semishigure. Very minimal, almost meditative in approach, this is an even more minimal work than ‘Transmissions’, and like Kubisch, this works best when played at a soft volume for a day or two – that is if you have the time.

    frans de waard / vital weekly