fear drop 16

CD in jacket w/magazine

  1. clusterflux

clusterflux was created in the spring of 2012 using a small cassette recorder as a kind of processing tool. i recorded the sounds of a harmonium onto cassette using an old sony walkman, as well as using previous recordings that i had made during the production of my film “striations“. all of the sounds moved from the cassette player to the computer for multi-tracking via the walkman’s tiny speaker and a microphone, so that the sound and its processing was constantly modulated by the environment.

fear drop is a sound/music magazine from france and each issue contains a CD compilation. for issue 16, published in may of 2012, the disc includes unique tracks from myself as well as troum, aidan baker, reflection and resonance (bernhard gunter & dorothea krishnabhakdi), mathias delplanque, yannick franck, lionel marchetti, and others.