Unknown Public 04

CD in box with inserts
unknown public

unknown public was curated by john L. walters in the mid-1990’s. the releases were generally themed compilations, and more than the discs and/or cassettes, the projects were always packaged in a box with lots of well designed inserts. i’ve always felt lucky to have been part of these beautiful objects – and, of course, the music was pretty wonderful was well.

the theme of issue 04 was musical machinery.

along with the main theme, each issue also had a micro-theme called “scratchpad” which offered tiny works (usually 1 minute in length) on a theme… this issue’s was called ‘one minute operas’. this was my first participation in an issue of up.

track: oton 1’00”

“composed entirely of fragments of the first movement of arnold schoenberg’s opera gurrelieder.”