refusalon gallery

this CD is a document/catalog from an exhibition called “sound” that took place at the san francisco gallery refusalon in 1998. the show featured sound works by:

Bill Fontana, Joe Bloggs, Paul De Marinis, Lewis DeSoto, Gustavo, Dough Harvey, horea, Guy Hundree, Brandon Labelle, Ati Maier, Tom Marioni, Guy Overfelt, Steve Roden, Steve Peters, Heather Sparks, Adam Sinykin, Jake Tilson, Totemplow, Illana Zuckerman.

track: mini ear paper catherdral

“my track consists of 3 improvised tracks played on a ‘mini ear paper’ sent to me by philip corner. hiddden in the background is a sample of the first recordings i made of my voice in the underground bomb shelter of our house.”