Sampling Rage

CD in gatefold jacket

a release on the german label x-tract, related to the 1999 edition of berlin’s “sampling rage” festival, which was curated by elke moltrecht and dieter scheyhing. some of the tracks are live recordings from the festival, others are simply new works by festival participants.

also features: terre thaemlitz, brandon labelle, boris hegenbart…

track: heizlufter (slight return) [steve roden solo]
track: improvisation [live recording of christophe charles, brandon labelle and steve roden]

heizlufter was created using only recordings of a small portable heater that was used in my painting studio. the (slight return) aspect was related to the fact that the material was first used for a performance, and then worked with again in the studio. of course, it is also a reference to jimi hendrix.