2XCD w/slipcase and posters
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Audiolab is made up of a series of different sound pieces, specifically produced to be diffused in an architectural module, created by young French designers. This space or listening chamber has been made to receive the visitor and allow for the optimal and environmental diffusion of sound. Listening and sound immersion modules have been in this way created, in which the sound works are diffused and made spatial.

audiolab was presented at the centre georges pompidou museum in 2003 in the form of a kind of a listening space. curator jean yves leloup invited doug aitken to create a sound work for the space and doug, in turn, asked if i would collaborate with him… and the result was our track on this comp (which was, of course, presented in the museum).

each CD is packaged in an individual foldout sheet; an insert in French & English with a short biography for each artist; everything enclosed in slipcase.

track: time can’t stop now (in three movements)
part 1: 2’40”, part 2: 4’39”, part 3: 6’43”

“time can’t stop now is made up of three field recordings made at three different speeds, that were then recomposed by the two artists. this piece, voluntarily environmental, plays in this way on the diffracted perception of the spectator.

‘you breath in… then out. then look around. you are a satellite, which takes in all that surrounds you. you are a machine whose only button is record. the ‘present’ is your present and you can barely remember the past it erases so quickly. you want warmth. you want to be hot, to be on fire and you know what it looks like to love but you move too fast ever to connect. you will not burn out or fade away. you will only accelerate the act of living each day for as long as you can sustain.”
(i’m pretty sure that the awkward language of the text was from being translated from english into french and then back into english!)

Alejandra & Aeron
Rupert Huber
Rebecca Bournigault
Henrik Plenge Jakobsen
Vladislav Delay
To Rococo Rot
Dorine Muraille
Doug Aitken & Steve Roden
Cameron Jamie
Xavier Veilhan & David Artaud