7" vinyl
edition: 350 ?
rabid records / faulty products

  1. wherewolf
  2. shapes of things (yardbirds cover)

the seditionaries were a los angeles punk band, active from 1979-82, and this 1982 single was their only official release (as well as one of the band’s last acts before breaking up.) this was also, obviously, the first release i ever appeared on; and it was also the first cover i designed. at the time i was in high school.

the 7″ was self-released, on our own “rabid records” label (one of many nods to our then idols, the damned), and was distributed by faulty products.

the band was made up of myself as the singer, steve graham on drums, david bornstein on guitar, and a variety of bass players – including, at one point, dede troit from uxa.

we played gigs often, mostly in hollywood clubs such as the cathay de grande, troubadour, etc.; but also many random nights where 6 or 7 bands would play at a bowling alley, a country bar, or someone’s garage (where we once played with suicidal tendencies) we played with a ton of bands, including: alleycats, 45 grave, circle jerks, minutemen, bad religion, tsol, mau mau’s, sin34, etc. our crowning achievment was opening for the damned at godzilla’s and rat scabies joining us for a cover of new rose to end our set.

while i was no raymond pettibone, i did draw most of our flyers, including these…