Untitled (MR20)

steve roden / brandon labelle
CD with elaborate hand made packaging
edition: 50 (probably less)

in 1998, brandon labelle and i did some gigs in japan, several organized by koji tano, who made noise works under the name of MSBR. koji was an amazing enthusiast of the noise and experimental scene, big on cassette releases, and our gigs with him were fantastic experiences. what was more fantastic was this hand made edition he created for our tour – a cd sandwiched between two metal discs, covered with straw and held together with a huge metal bolt! i believe the run was supposed to be 50 copies, but it is more likely that only 25 or so were made. i’ve only ever seen one copy for sale, other than my own.

i recently listened to the tracks (there are two shorter pieces from me, and one longer piece by brandon) and i have no idea what the source material or the process was on my tracks.

unspoken (roden)
kingdom of shadows (labelle)
unseen (roden)