bunker archeology

CD & special edition
edition: ?
noise museum

a 1996 compilation put together by the noise museum label from france. there were two versions, one a CD in a jewel box and one a cardboard box with a disc and a stone or “fossil”. the limited box is quite a nice object. as this was an early release of my work, i am listed as simply “in be tween noise”.

Vance Orchestra – Reinforced Landscape 10:12
Myase – Myélome 8:41
Telepherique – Abbunkern 8:29
Soldnergeist – Zeitsturm 6:59
Daniel Menche – Here Is A Proof That You Are Not A Ghost 14:34
Voice Of Eye – Nest 6:31
In Between Noise – I, Rain (Vienna) Window 7:46
The Ultra Milkmaids – Byojorcklos 8:02