news archives: January 2013

  • january 30 – april 28, 2013

    group exhibition
    berkeley art museum
    curated by toby kamps and steve seid

    i will be showing 365X433 – the diary of my year long daily performances of cage’s 4’33” – as well as related paintings and sculpture, and a film in the film program

  • january 18 – march 9, 2013

    observer effect
    group exhibition
    gallery 400
    university of illinois chicago

    i will be showing a variety of works related to the stone’s throw body of work: paintings, film, zine, sound…

    tuesday, february 26, i will be performing on a bill with neil jendon and john kannenberg
    at the burlington. event begins at 9 pm. address: 3425 w. fullerton ave. chicago.

    wednesday,  february 27, i will be part of a panel discussion  at the gallery from 6:00-7:30 pm, with artists: julia fish, steffani jemmison, jessica hyatt.