cloud formation

approx. 1100 pieces of wood
acrylic paint
metal casters
8' x 4' x 3'

cloud formation was my first substantial piece of sculpture. it actually came about through a conversation with a sculptor and that i told him i could never relate to sculpture, only to objects. when i got home that evening, i started to think that if i couldn’t find a way to connect with sculpture, i might as well try to make a sculpture to see how it would feel and how i might be able to respond to it.

in the end i created a sculpture mostly in relation to the ideas of geometry, pattern and surface that were part of my painting practice.

the piece is 8 feet long, 4 feet tall, and 3 feet wide. i think what excited me about this piece was that when one moved around it, the “image” (i.e. the painted side) would seem to expand and also flatten out – like an outsider artist trying to make a bridget riley painting!