wood, acrylic paint,
10" x 17" x 5"

chair was inspired by gerrit rietveld’s 1923 “red blue chair”. at the time, i was interested in constructing things from units, and in this case the idea of constructing a sculpture of rietveld’s chair’s parts (the sculpture was not the actual size of the chair, but the parts were “to scale” with the original. in this an act of taking something apart and putting it back together differently, it was a kind of creation of my own form through someone else’s parts. in many ways it was connected to an activity of childhood, where a friend and myself would buy a couple of model kits and then rather than putting them together properly, we would mix parts from different kits to create hybrid objects. it also pre-dates my work with systems consisting of limited parts. sometimes a dumb idea evokes a history that had been lost inside, as well as offering paths towards the future.